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Sunday, December 14, 2014

is this love

I never really knew what love was
Once I had a gf back in high school
But things are very different back then
That was the time I barely know any other girl

So instead of holding to thing I aint sure myself
I let her go
2 weeks after that she is going out with another guy
Well that somehow make me a little bit relief
At least I'm right

I went to matriculation then to University
Met with a lot of girl and I do mean a lot
But none of them gives me the feeling I've been searching
I know I disappoint quite a few
But I'm searching for something
What's the point of having if ain't enjoying

Plus I have this idea
Of having one, not gf but someone
It's different, someone means the one you hold dearly
The one you want to spend the rest of your life with

After got my degree, I got my first job
Earning my own money
The timing was perfect for me to have someone

Then she came into my life
It's funny cause we been friend for almost 3 years
After we been together
We came to realize we spent a lot of time together
Back in university

The haunted house, the walk in the afternoon
The lunch we had, the time I bought her dinner
All the thing she told me back then
She's quite surprise that the fact
She told me quite a lot about herself

Me? I noticed her smile back then
The reason why I want to get to know her
She's interesting but knowing where I came from
I decided to just be friend

Everything changed now
She's the one that captured me
Gives me this endless happiness
Gives me the chance to know what is the meaning of love

I warned her how I will be when I'm in love
She said ok but it took some time for her
To really get to know me
It's ok we have the whole life to know each other
We gonna spend our whole life together

I don't really know what's gonna happen next
But what I'm sure that I found mine
Will try and work anything out to be with her
I'm sure she feels the same
I never this sure in my life

It came down to that
Its whether I'm with her or no one at all

Thanks love

I will always love you for who you are, for who you were before, and for who you will be

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