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Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy for you

Congrats to my love, after 6 months of torturing Internship. Youre free. After you redo few parts in your report that is.

I admit, listening to everything you told me, sometimes i do feel like want to hold you tight. I dont want you to go through all that alone. I'm here and i'm here to stay. Forever. So if you want to go anywhere, take me along, i will always be by your side.

But if we didnt go through this 6 months together, we wont be like we are now. So in love together. We've been through some rough and good time together. Its nice to know that you would do what i do for you cause you love me like i love you.

"I treasure your happiness more than mine, i do. All i want to see is the smile on your face, when youre happy. I am too"

" I was searching for someone back then, that i forgot to look to those who are always there all along. So i stop for a moment, i saw her smile and i never look back since. She is the one ♡ "

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