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Saturday, July 5, 2014


We are not the same
Each individual have their own traits
When we look at something
We look it at different view
Cause we all have our own prespective

For instance my friend
Who look to a bangladesh who walks into tesco barefooted
They want to buy a pair of sandals
Cause they aint have one

Me?i look it and oh they want to buy a sandals
Probably lose it after terawih
My friend?look and think a lot
What do they eat for break fast?
Me?i dont think too deep

But i do think a lot
When i got my first pay cheque
Happy?i hope but i am not
Looking at it at the ATM
Calculating everything that i need to pay
Left me with none at the end of the month
If this is life of an adult
I would just like to be a kid
Worry about nothing
And live happily

Its like a robot work very hard
And have none
Work hard only to live
Not enjoying it

Guess what?i think the homeless
Know the meaning of life
More than we
The robots who work their buts off
And end up with none

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