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Monday, May 19, 2014


Is some sort of healing ward
heals your wounds and makes you keep on running

My life,
May not be the life I hope it be
but I believe it is the life I need

My wife,
I may not exactly sure if I have found her,
but I am with utmost confidence that I will found her eventually

You are required to go through an obstacle course,
everyone else make the most of the time and prepare them self
me?I would just sit there and relax
lie down and look to the birds flying listening to the songs they sang

That's exactly how I live my life,
I never really put any pressure on myself to succeed
although I know that some may hoping me to

Been running through the obstacle course,
I may stumble,but I could get up in a matter of seconds
going through is enough for me
others?they actually trained them self so they could fly through

In the end,
That's how things are going
it's me standing on the earth keep on running
but can't help myself from looking up
looking at them flying through the obstacle course with ease
end up winners

It's funny how similar we are at every end during our childhood life
end up so differently

Maybe I took the road to success a little bit too lightly
well, at least I know I will eventually finish this obstacle course
I may not be the fastest but I will always be a winner
as the definition of winning differ with individual

Now that's optimism

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