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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

distinguishable are we?

If someone hate something
does that mean everyone have to hate?
why must everyone do what everyone else does?
we are created different in a way for a reason
but  it seems our mentality towards some lousy issue is the same
maybe we are using our smartphones too much
that using our brain is not an option

for instance
in an organization
if we notice something is wrong
do we need to tell everyone and spread it like we will never do such mistake?
or should we try to fix it rather than complaining about it everyday
and by complaining, i mean complaining in twitter and facebook which doesn't help a thing

the world doesn't need a copycat
the world itself lack originality 
imagine if the world full of only renowned writers
the world would deprived of renowned engineers,businessman,gardener
everyone must be good at something
be yourself and you'll find what you seek

different in thinking means different in opinion
which means different in goal and perspective
success and happiness means something else for you and i
success for me means
having a house in the countryside
not so big and yet not so small
with a garden full of flowers maybe rose
where my children would play around happily
while me and my wife sit and have a cup of tea
that is my definition of success
how about yours?

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