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Friday, July 6, 2012

have you ever

have you ever felt that things are going too fast?
not that you're doesn't want it to going the way it is,
it just not the time for it YET.

or maybe you just afraid that she/he wasn't the one.
you spend a lot of time together,
and both of you end up with someone else is kinda sad,

why don't we take a step back,
enjoy what we have,
and let things flow.

fate is rather funny.
it's like the future is inevitable.
no matter how hard we try,
we might not get something.
and when we did not even try.
we might get something particular.

the same goes to someone that gonna spend our life together.
if he/she meant for you,
no matter what you did,he/she eventually end up with you.

i'm just write what i think,
it may be make sense for some,
and ridiculous for most.
fine by me :)

 i do wish,i have someone to tell my mother about.
cause my mother been asking me about my someone.
and when i just keep my mouth shut.
she will talk bout my ex.kinda disturbing.
but i don't's my mistake anyway :|

sometime i wish i have a wife,
cause if she has a problem,
i could cheer her up,
not merely by words,
but through my action,

having bf or gf doesn't approve this,
only akad does,
so i'm waiting for the time,
and definitely not now :)

enough of nonsense,i should be heading to bed. :)

"to love someone is nothing,
to be love by someone is something
to be love by someone you love is interesting
but love from god is everything "

"i might rarely text you,
but that doesn't meant i'm forgetting you"

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