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Friday, July 6, 2012

600km still not there yet

633km on google map, 680km on the meter bar.

it's the end of exams,
the beginning of 2 months holiday,

going back home, my friends and i decided take a little detour,
teluk intan i say, although i don't know what there to see in teluk intan,
some of my friends said ' there's nothing there,why would you want to go? '
well, i just want to, the last time i been there was when i was like 10 years old,
just want to see teluk intan now and if i could remember anything from 12 years ago,

and then mirul said he want to tag along,
but he want to go to taiping first,
yes i said,we start our journey early in the morning,
8.00 to be exact and stop for breakfast :D
and arrive in taiping around 12,

i take a nap since i don't really sleep the night before,
watching mario score 2 goals for italy in the semis.

and here's the endless journey that somehow makes me said 'i give up'
we don't know the way to teluk intan,
we just exploring.
the clock shows 4.00pm and we haven't eat our lunch,
so we decided to have our lunch in kg gajah,
while we're having our lunch,
everyone just look at each other faces,
everyone just tired,don't want to do this anymore,
but none of  us want to said it,
but i know i'm the one who really want to go to teluk intan,
then it's my call to say we don't.
and i said it,everyone are very relief,

mirul arrived at his home in malacca around 2 pm,
while i sleep at my friend's house at tanjung malim,

woke up late the next day,
we leave tanjung malim around 3pm,
and i arrive at my house around 7pm.

what a day it is,

the morale of the story,

google map before you set to go place you never been before,


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