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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

85 days to go

85 days to go
How I hope time moves super fast
And the moment I open my eyes
She's my wife

But these 85 days
I don't want to miss any moment with her
So the only thing to do is
Live and appreciate every details
Enjoying it so I won't realize how long it would be

The funny this is
Everytime I am with her
Time moves super fast
Maybe I should be with her 247

How time flies
I still remembered everything
The moment I saw her angelic smile
The moment we went to the haunted house
The moment I stand in front of a bus so she won't miss it
The time I bought her food at night
The time I took her out
The time I took her to Bukit Ampang

Now it's only 85 days left for us to be husband and wife
My dream would come true
To have someone in my life
Someone I dreamed of all my life
Someone I never thought of having
Someone I thought I never encounter

She's here. She will always be
I will love her and thats for eternally
I will fall in love once
And she's the one I fall in love with

I wish I could bring happiness in her life
Love her with all my heart, that's my promise
I wish I could be forever with her
Marrying her that's what I'll do

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