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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's all started the moment I saw her smile
Knowing shes in a relationship
Doesn't hinder me from making my move
I add her on fb and took her number

Occasionally , I will have lunch with her
Or maybe bought dinner for her
Text sometimes but we never did go out together
I remembered I told her that I want to check out a girl
Just to watch her playing netball everyday

Started my internship, we rarely keep in touch
She's busy with her studies and me with my job
The only time we text is when she asked me about internship
Then, She started her internship in KL
That gives me if tiny bit of hope

I intend to ask her out but been busy with my work
But one day she told me she's depressed
Without thinking twice, i drove to her place after work
Took her to bukit ampang to see the lights in the night

I still remembered the smile on her face that night
I felt like everything else vanished
Hypnotized by her angelic smile ♡

We started using 'saya awak'
but she keep on changing it to 'aku kau'
To be honest I tought it was a sign of 'I'm your friend'
Determined, if I could make you happy by just being friend
Then I would :)

Our 2nd date, we go out for dinner
Heading back home, we got lost
Not because I don't know the way
It's just due to road closure

We talk a lot that night
And she told me she are not really sure when I'm serious
Cause I've been making jokes about everything
I told her if she wanted to know something, just ask

She ask me straight to my face
Did you love me?
I'm surprised, the angel I've been waiting for
Asked me question that I wanted to ask her
But don't have the courage to

Without a shadow of a doubt, I answered yes
She asked me love her as what and why
I told her I love you for no reason at all so no one can took it away
She smiled, I mean we both smiled

I'm lucky to have someone I love but I never think of having, loves me back
In my eyes she's unlike any other
Unique in her own way

The more I found out about her
The more I fall in love with her
The more I felt that this is the one
The more I enjoyed my life with her by my side

Thanks for everything you've done for me. Above all, thanks for asking me that question and let me feel what love is :* ♡
Us on our first date 

Us on our college annual dinner

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