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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

have you ever

have you ever,
feels like she doesn't pay enuff attention to you,
although she does.

have you ever,
feels you're idiot just because you don't text her enuff.
although you do.

have you ever,
feels you've done something that really upset her,
although you're not.

have you ever,
feels you want to know everything about her,
although you know what you're suppose to,

have you ever,
feels like smiling every time you read her text,
although you're smiling just thinking of her,

have you ever,
feels jealous if she talk to someone else and not you,
although you shouldn't be,

have you ever,
think of why do you feel what you feel above,
although there is absolutely no reason at all,
cause you loving her for who she is :)

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