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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Do you know how Amsterdam got it's name?well.the place was originally named Amster which named after the river nearby until they build dam and it's got the name Amsterdam.i was like.errr.ok.have you ever thought how Kuala Lumpur got it's name? :D

The night we arrived in's very cold and the wind is not helping.Everytime the wind blows, we will try to cover our face as it was too cold.Seriously, i would wear a mask if i could.We have 5 huge and heavy luggage, the stairs at the hotel is just cruel. My brothers and i need to somehow pass the bag to one another till it reach the top. Even if we're not carrying anything, it is easy to just fall down the stairs.It's too steep and narrow. When we thought our misery was over, we look at the key and it's 210. We're like 'wataaa' and we need use the same method to get the luggage up the stairs and to our room.

The next day, we buy a ticket for boat tour, we found out the reason why the stairs are narrow and steep.The buildings in Amsterdam is not very tall as the ground is very soft. The ground was limited so the buildings there won't have enough space so they build stairs that ain't use much space.which end up with narrow and steep. They even have crane at the top in front of their house to transport furniture into their house as it is impossible to bring them through the stairs.

The canal was build by people as the mean of transport is boat in the beginning. They even have house boat. Living in a house's quite interesting for me :) we're surprised how bicycle was used as a transport here, they even have bicycle lanes and they will ring they bell if you're crossing their lane carelessly.I do.a lot of time.

It's hard to find a place to perform solat there, luckily after we had our lunch our dad asked the owner of the donker kebab if we could perform solat in their restaurant. and he give us permission and even give us sejadah, turn off the music in his restaurant and let we use their personal toilet. We're flattered. Only Allah can repay what you've done.Thanks a lot :)

btw.i only found out weeds are legal in Amsterdam just before we headed there.and we for the first time see a drunk man.walking slowly smiling and just talk to everyone.-.-'s freaking cold
the boat tour.through the river and canal
The crane.look at the crane.
the building looks the same.
floating house! boat house!

the boat house!

the owner of the donker kebab and his sons.

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